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Upcycle your outdated Fashion Collection before it ends up in the Waste Collection


Upcycle your outdated Fashion Collection before it ends up in the Waste Collection

Want to avoid unnecessary rubbish but have clothes you do not wear anymore?

Clothing styles and trends change and in spring many people declutter their home and wardrobe, eliminating clothing items they no longer wear to make space for something new.

But where to go with the old garments? If you do not want to spend the weekends at (online) flea markets, you can bring your old textiles to charities or clothing collection containers. However, one should know that the clothes are often simply disposed of and thus little has been done to prevent or reduce waste.

Luckily, there is an alternative to throwing clothes away: Upcycling

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a technique used to transform used items like worn garments, household textiles or scraps of fabric into new, unique DIY pieces. Some companies have already recognised this. H&M launched a denim collection for example, made from old denim leftovers.

So, the motto is to make old better. Of course, you can also join the trend at home with your own discarded garments. Maybe even a new hobby emerges from it? Being creative is really fun! What do you need? Old clothes or other textiles, a needle, thread, and some imagination. We have gathered some inspiration for you, before you decide to hand over your clothes to the waste collection near you.

Which Textiles are suitable for Upcycling?

Well-suited for upcycling are garments that are still in good condition and do not show strong contamination or discoloration. The fabric denim, for example, is very robust and elaborately processed – far too good to throw away!

T-shirts are also perfect for upcycling. Here, the design possibilities are almost infinite and they are therefore ideal upcycling candidates, if they are not too flimsy.


Upcycling – how to turn Old into Reusable?

Refreshing and repairing:

Got an ugly stain on your favourite blouse that cannot be removed? You can make it “disappear” magically under a pretty embroidery, pearl embellishments or if it is on the collar, exchange it with a brand new collar from another blouse. Alternatively, you can cut off the collar completely and turn your blouse into a stylish Carmen blouse without a collar. Just cut straight around. Line with two seams and thread a rubber into the seam tunnel.

However, upcycling does not always have to be done with the help of needle and thread. Even dyeing can make discoloured shirts or washed-out jeans shine like new again. How about a batik afternoon with your girlfriends?

Complete Transformation:

The old shirt becomes a skirt, the T-shirt a pillowcase. The original function is completely changed. The beauty of it? You don’t have to throw away your favorite shirt, but you can still enjoy it every day in a new form. For example, by converting it into a lavender pillow that also supports better sleep.

Upcycling: From Shirt to Lavender Pillow

Shirts made of pure cotton or linen are particularly suitable for this purpose. They can be heated in the microwave. Here is how it works:

  1. Cut out two squares of the same size from your shirt and place them on top of each other.
  2. Now sew three sides with your hand or sewing machine and provide the fourth with buttons or a zipper.
  3. Now turn everything to the left so that the seams are inside.
  4. Fill with lavender (not too plump, otherwise it will be uncomfortable). You can either “collect” the lavender yourself or order already cleaned on the Internet.

Upcycling: From Towel to reusable Washing Pad

You can make excellent reusable make-up pads from old towels. If you can’t sew well, don’t do anything. Who says that cleaning pads must have a particular shape?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are inspired now to think twice before you throw your fashion items in the bin. First of all, that’s not where they go and second of all, they can be reused several times as cleaning pads or cloths before you decide they are no longer usable. When the time has come to say goodbye to them for good, you can get your clothing waste collected by the waste carrier licenced Top Wasters, who will dispose of the recyclables at the right depot where they can be processed, and everything else with the adequate waste handling plant.

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