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Same Day Waste Removal

Same Day Waste Removal

If you’ve made the decision to get rid of the piles of junk around you home, then sometimes, it’s best to act quickly so that Helpful Harries and Harriets don’t decide to sneak some of the trash back into the house “because it might be useful one day”. This is where you need someone to take the rubbish away right away. Call us and we’ll do the job before you can say Marie Kondo (we won’t ask questions about whether or not what’s left sparks joy or not). As usual, we’ll take care of sorting the rubbish from the recyclables, and ensuring that everything goes to the right depot, no matter where you’re located in London.

You get the general idea. You know that your home or business generates a fair amount of rubbish, and you need to get it out of the place so you don’t get problems with pests rummaging in your bins, etc. You also want to recycle where possible because… well, we’ve all heard about the importance of this one. So where do you start? Well, the Topwasters team can help you set up a bin system for rubbish or recycling as needed (separate bins for paper and glass, maybe?). We will also come and take away the bins so the contents go to the right places at the end of the process – and we’ll do it on a schedule that suits you. We’re proper licensed waste handling agents with the certificate and everything, so there’s no cause to worry on that front. Weekly, daily and fortnightly collections are possible (and we’ll do twice weekly trash collection as well).


If you want to talk about a load of rubbish, you’ve come to the right place. You can get hold of us by phone or email, or you can use our online form right now. You can also send us photos of your rubbish via WhatsApp if this is easier for you.


· Send us some picture of the rubbish you want removed, either via email or on our online contact form. We can receive up to 10 Mb of pictures and the more details we have, the more accurate an estimate we can give you.
· If you have problems uploading pictures of your waste, please give us a call on 07960-78-78-28 and we’ll see how we can help sort things out.
· Tell us as much as you can about the property where you want the waste taken away from. We really want to know things like possible parking problems, stairs and other quirks like narrow accessways. Again, this helps us give you an accurate estimate over the phone or via email.
· Need the job done quickly? We offer same day waste collection services, so if you need something gone today or by a certain date, then make sure you tell us this. And yes, we work all seven days of the week.
· We’re on Twitter and Facebook, so you can send message us with your pictures and questions if you like (and you can follow us to see some of the shenanigans we get up to in the world of waste removal).

So what are you waiting for? Snap a quick picture or two of the junk you’d like to say goodbye to, flick it to us and tell us what you need!

020 8099 9379

07960 78 78 28


Free No Obligation Quote

We have additional charges for jobs or items that involve more work or require special processing or treatment by law.

It will be a pleasure for us to give you a free approximate price quote for the collection of your rubbish over the phone. Sending a picture will be an easy way to determine the volume of your rubbish. You can send us a photo via WhatsApp ( 07960 78 78 28 ) or by using our contact us form. However, the exact cost we can give you only when our waste collection truck team comes to your property.

Custom Prices Available

The above prices are for illustrative reasons.  Our prices are based primarily on the volume of the waste if it is household, furniture, garden and most of the builders rubbish. If the rubbish is bricks, stones, soil or metals ( building rubbish, known also as rubble),  we charge per tonne (one load £250.00 is equal to one tonne). Sometimes, when our customers have more than 1000 kg rubble, we are still able to take it, but the price will be according the weight.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express.
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