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Topwasters / Prices

Rubbish Removal London Cost

Our prices include the labour of two guys and the responsible disposal of your waste.  We do NOT have hidden costs! The prices do NOT depend on where you are based, we are local to you! We collect furnitures ( we dismantle them as well ), we clear lofts, garages, sheds. We collect wood, plastic, food waste, sofas, mattress, we do garden clearance, we collect building rubbish as well as we do office clearance.

Our waste clearance services include: office clearance, building waste clearance, house clearance, fridge removal and disposal, sofa removal, mattress removal, appliances removal and disposal, cardboard boxes removal, loft clearance, garage rubbish removal, old furniture removal and disposal, old kitchen removal and disposal, piano removal. If you are not sure about an items you have, please get in touch with us and we will provide additional information.

The rubbish removal prices are based on the volume and the weight of the junk we collect ( whichever comes first ) and we strongly advise our customers to send us some photos, if they need to have a price in advance. You can e-mail us some photos: topwasters@gmail.com. If you are not able to send us some photos of your rubbish, we can send one of our teams to you for free, no obligation quote. If you accept this quote, our teams would be ready to start doing the collection on the spot! Call us on 020 8099 9379, if you want us to book a free quote now.

You can also send us some photos of your waste ( WhatsApp ) and we will let you know how much it will cost approximately:
Max weight Approximate time Van load ( Volume ) Price £
50 kg 5 min Min. load £40.00
70 kg 5 min 1 yd³ £60.00
100 kg 10 min 2 yds³ £70.00
200 kg 15 min 1/4 load,3.5 yds³ £90.00
300 kg 20 min 4 yds³ £110.00
350 kg 25 min 5 yds³ £130.00
500 kg 30 min Half load,6.5 yds³ £140.00
450 kg 35 min 7 yds³ £160.00
500 kg 40 min 8 yds³ £180.00
600 kg 45 min 3/4 load, 9 yds³ £200.00
700 kg 50 min 10 yds³ £220.00
800 kg 55 min 11 yds³ £240.00
1000 kg 60 min full load,12 - 14 yds³ £250.00

The prices are based on the VOLUME and the WEIGHT of the rubbish


NOTE: Rubble and soil are measured by weight. 40 bags roughly equate to 1 tonne.

Approved average weights of materials


The table below gives average weights of common items and materials we collect, shown in Kilogrammes (Kg). These have been calculated from research carried out by MRWA and the Furniture Re-use Network, which efforts have been highly appreciated. If you have more items, we do NOT charge these prices, we consider the approximate total weight of what you have to calculate the final price. That means it will be a lot cheaper than to make a sum of all items you have.

For your calculation’s material weight should be shown in Tonnes. 1000kg = 1 Tonne

e.g. a bedside unit at 14 Kg divided by 1000 = 0.014 Tonnes

Maximum weight of 1000 kg is considered 1 full load of our vans. If the load is one type of rubbish, such as rubble, hardcore only, soil (compost), stones- it will be £250 for 1000 kg. If the waste is not in bags (bagged up), then we charge for the labour, so it can be loaded easily in our vans. If your rubbish is more than 1000 kg, our team will let you know how much it will cost in total- no obligation. If you accept the final quote, they will be able to do your collection on the spot, or we can reschedule it for convenient for you time.

Please note that if you have furniture, and they need to be dismantled, we charge additional fee to do that. We also take into consideration the distance between the place we can park our vans and your property. Additional charges may apply, if there is no parking space, close to the point we are collection your rubbish. We advise our valuable customers to get in touch with us and explain all the details in regards of their waste collections, so we can provide as close price as possible to the real one.

Please note that our minimum charge is £60. For regular customers we make discounts, please refer to us for more details.

Please ask our teams for the additional charges, as they are fully authorised to provide the price on behalf of our company.

Price Item Description Average Weight in Kg
£15 Bedside unit, cabinet or table 14
£30 Bench, kitchen or garden, solid wood 30
£11 Blanket box, Ottoman 11
£22 Bookcase / Shelving Unit 21
£20 Cabinet (display & kitchen), Bureau 20
£7 Chair, kitchen, dining or wooden 7
£28 Chest-of-drawers, Tallboy 27
£20 Small desk, Computer Table 20
£28 Large desk 27
£35 Dressing table 34
£11 Headboard 11
£18 TV / Hi-fi unit 17
£150 Piano 130
£36 Sideboard, not large 35
£15 Table small, cane, coffee, nest 14
£30 Table, large e.g. dining 29
£24 Table, medium e.g. kitchen 23
£45 Wall unit 43
£60 Wardrobe, double 55
£40 Wardrobe, single 37
£95 Welsh dresser 92
£85 Cabinet, large 77.5
£12 Office chair 12
£30 Office desk 26
£40 2 seater sofa 37
£60 3 seater sofa 42
£40 Armchair 27
£60 Recliner 51
£60 Bed, single complete (base, mattress + hdboard) 53
£80 Bed, double complete (base, mattress + hdboard) 78
£90 Bed, king-size complete (base, mattress + hboard) 91
£30 Bed base, single wood / divan / folding / Z bed 21
£40 Bed base, double wood / divan / folding / Z bed 27
£40 Bed base, king-size wood, divan or double metal 30
£50 Bunk bed / Cabin bed 50
£60 Futon/Sofa bed(wooden base with mattress) 35
£40 Mattress, single 21
£50 Mattress, double 40
£50 Mattress, king-size 50
£10 Pouffe / Stool 5
HH Garden & DIY
£20 Door (pvc) 20
£20 Door (wood) 15
£30 Gate (metal) 30
£20 Gate (wood) 15
£10 Paint (5litre) 6
£40 Patio door 30
£40 Tiles (ceramic), per square metre 30
£20 Window (wood) 15
£20 Window (glazed) 20
£20 Worktop (kitchen) 12
£20 BBQ 15
£10 Chair (metal, plastic or wood) 7
£20 Lounger 15
£10 Cooker hood 9
£60 Cooker, electric 56
£50 Dishwasher 47
£20 Spin-Dryer 13
£50 Twin-tub 42
£60 Washer Drier 69
£60 Washing Machine 65
£20 Radiator 17.5
£10 Vacuum 13
£10 Computer, base unit 10
£10 Laptop 3
£60 Electric armchair 54
£120 Electric bed, single 100
£200 Electric bed, double 200
£60 Electric wheelchair 60
£10 CRT-Monitor < 14” 11
£80 Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier 18.5
£80 Freezer or fridge, table top 28
£90 Freezer, chest 48
£90 Freezer, free standing 45
£80 Freezer, undercounter 32
£90 Fridge, free standing 38
£80 Fridge, undercounter 30
£90 Fridge-Freezer 51

Our vans have a capacity of 16 cubic yards. If you waste is more than one load, we can send second van or the same one will come back shortly. We are flexible of what we are collecting- that means if you decide to dispose less or more than requested, we will adjust our price accordingly- free of charge.

Our charges are based on weight, volume, time, distance, and other factors. If you’re not around, we can handle collecting your rubbish, sharing pics before and after. Payments? We take cash or bank transfers, whichever is better for you.

Give us a call on 020 8099 9379 or share you photos of you rubbish on WhatsApp and we will get back to you with a price in no time!

Arrange a FREE VIEWING :

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020 8099 9379

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Please be aware that when receiving a quotation, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Top Wasters vans offer a capacity of 16 cubic yards, which is equivalent to the volume of 2.5 skips.
  • Quotations provided over the phone or via email by our operators are not conclusive as they do not account for the weight of your waste, parking considerations, and access to the property.
  • Our pricing is determined by factors such as weight, volume, loading time, packaging, and disassembly (applicable to furniture and certain appliances, like American-style fridge-freezers).
  • Consideration of access to the property is also an important factor in the overall quotation process.
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