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How To Declutter Your House? (3 Best Decluttering Tips)


How To Declutter Your House? (3 Best Decluttering Tips)

Now that online ordering and shopping is on the rise, many people have so many deliveries that they run out of space in their homes due to the clutter developing.

But where to start decluttering?


Often people are overwhelmed by all the clutter in front of them and they need some guidance or support provided by decluttering services such as home clearance services for example. 

Another factor that contributes to increased clutter in homes is that many people and employees are working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. They had to set up a home office for an undefined length of time and were perhaps not prepared for it. Therefore, they were challenged to design a smarter home with an efficient home office work space.

Decluttering Tip 1: Start Decluttering In The Easiest Room

To rearrange and organise a home, it’s first of all a good idea to start with one room, where the clutter is manageable. This is usually a bedroom that is constantly in use. Make a start by emptying drawers and shelves by removing items you don’t use at all or don’t want to keep. Place them in a box or bin bag. It’s best to separate items you want to donate to charity or sell that are in good condition in one container and rubbish in another. If you require help with rubbish sorting, recycling or upcycling items then TopWasters offer recycling services. The good news is, now you have free spaces in your bedroom and you can move clutter from another room into here by reorganising it, if you desperately want to keep it.

Declutter Tip 2: Upcycle Or Donate Old Furniture

After you have made your way through the less cluttered rooms, it is time to tackle the rooms with the most clutter, which are usually the living rooms or spare rooms. The best point to start with is moving bulkier items out of the way such as furniture that is unused or outdated.

If you identify an item of your furniture as outdated, or slightly broken, don’t throw it away! It is so simple to upcycle furniture and you can create a bespoke piece for little to no cost.  There are thousands of YouTube tutorials on how to upcycle chairs, tables and other furniture pieces. But if it’s all too much for you, you can let the TopWasters collectors take care of it. They can donate old furniture to charities like the British Heart Foundation for reuse.

Think how much waste would be reduced if more furniture was upcycled rather than sent to landfill. That’s why TopWasters always try to reuse or recycle items they collect.

Decluttering Tip 3: Reduce Rubbish and Clutter With Non-Disposable Products

Single use products are one of the biggest contributors to messy homes and landfills, which is absolutely avoidable with non-disposable alternatives. For example, think about how many nappies, wipes and plastic containers you would go through in a single day with a few smaller children in your household. Once the whole family has gone to bed, the kitchen and living room bins will be full and you may have to sort the rubbish for your local rubbish collection.

Many disposable products have eco-friendly alternatives that will save you throwing things away unnecessarily, whilst also saving you money! Buy reusable straws, water bottles and cleaning pads that will last for years and save you massive amounts of money in the long run while decluttering your home from unnecessary rubbish also saves the planet.

Final Words Of Wisdom For Declutterers

Hopefully the above best decluttering tips can help you keep your home organised and clean and you see the benefits of waste removal services in London. TopWasters are always here to help with any type of rubbish removal and can also collect electronic devices for recycling or even remove hazardous waste professionally. That’s why they’re listed among the top 10 rubbish removal companies in London on the London Business News Blog:


Contact their expert team today for any questions or queries you have regarding your clutter and waste in your home and get organised this year!


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