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About Us

Topwasters- Same Day Waste Removal Company in London

We’d like to let you know a little bit more about us. After all, we’ve all heard those horror stories about terrible contractors who are on the cowboy side of things – and that’s an insult to those legends of the Wild West of romance and legend. However, we can assure you that we’re more about old-fashioned courtesy and hard work, rather than rough and ready unreliability.

The Back Story

Let’s start with the basics: what do we do and why do we do it? Well, just like you, we’ve heard all the buzz online and elsewhere about decluttering and minimalism and clearing out the junk in our lives. We’ve gasped at episodes of “Hoarders” and been horrified about how people just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to letting the clobber built up. Then we turned around and looked at our neighbourhoods and our friends’ places and our own back yards. Although things weren’t quite bad enough to rate a TV episode, there were still piles of odds and ends that nobody really wanted to deal with. There were the bikes that the kids had grown out of, the bits of timber left over from a DIY session, the piles of mysterious broken items left behind by the previous owner in an overgrown corner and all the rest of the rubbish that has a tendency to invade our lives.

What we could do, to help keeping London clean from waste?

One day, our founder Stan and his team started thinking and realised something: although we’ve got all that rubbish and clutter building up in our garages, back yards, attics and even offices, we’re all very busy. Work is demanding, as are family commitments, and even if we have got a spot of spare time, there are heaps of other things that can be done with it other than heaving a pile of junk into the back of a trailer and heading down… well, that’s another problem, isn’t it? Even if we have managed to motivate ourselves into doing a Marie Kondo and deciding to chuck out a bunch of useless items, the issue is what to do with it next.

These days, we’ve all become aware of the problem of plastic waste and waste in general getting into where it shouldn’t be. We’ve been made aware of the problems caused by plastic bags and plastic straws and all the rest of it getting into the oceans (as a wee rabbit trail here, we could tell you about one of our waste-busting heroes, Boyan Slat, the guy who’s been working on a way to clean plastics ever since he was 16 – you can Google him afterwards if you like). Anyway, to stick to the topic on hand, nobody wants to just chuck the stuff they don’t want into the waste system willy-nilly. After all, as your grandmother probably protested when you suggested that she didn’t need to keep quite so many old clothes that she didn’t wear any more, some things are still useful and might come in hand for someone some day.

Well, Grandma, we heard you and we know all too well that some things shouldn’t just be chucked out with the rest of the rubbish. Someone needs to take those items that you don’t want any more and go through them, sorting out what can go down to the thrift store, what needs to go to the recycling depot and what actually really is just rubbish that has to get disposed of the right way.

All this sorting and dropping off takes time, doesn’t it? This is what gave us our brainwave: if people want to get rid of the clutter and do it responsibly but don’t have the time to do it, surely this means that providing a service to do just that would be useful and make a great contribution to society while earning an honest penny or five. And so Topwasters was born.

We put together a team of people who knew what was what with rubbish, recyclables and the rag trade (our three Rs, sitting alongside the other three Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!). Most importantly, we made sure that we got our proper waste handling licence (we got licence number CBDU307918 from the Environment Agency and we’re very proud of it), so we’re all above board and we are qualified to do what we do. We made sure we learned the rules and had the right safety gear (gloves and boots feature on this list of gear) and got ourselves the vans and trailers etc. needed to take your rubbish away to where it needs to go!

Topwasters Today

Now, here we are today, with our great team of waste removal specialists all ready to spring into action. We operate all through the Greater London Metropolitan Area, removing rubbish from homes and business premises from Watford and Enfield to Croydon, Epsom and Bromley, and from Hayes and Uxbridge to Romford and Dartford… plus all those inner London suburbs like Islington, Battersea, Belgravia and Soho. We really do go everywhere in London! In a nutshell, what we do is take away what you don’t want any more and take it where it’s supposed to go (and we’re talking about inanimate objects here rather than annoying flatmates you’d like to see the back of!). You can call what we do waste clearance or loft clearance or quite a number of names (nice ones, we hope) but it all comes down to the same thing: you let us know what you want to get rid of and we’ll come and take it away. If you want to get a bit more specific, we’ll remove the junk and trash, etc. from the following places: · gardens · garages · lofts · attics · basements · offices and business premises · houses · building sites If we’ve left anything off the list and you’ve got a pile of rubbish sitting somewhere we haven’t mentioned, well, we’ll take it away from there as well! Once we’ve taken away the bits and pieces from your home or garden or garage or wherever, then we will ensure that it is disposed of responsibly. This means that if something’s in good order and can find a new home, it will go to the charity shop (our licence says we’re dealers as well as waste carriers, so we can do this and we know some good places to take it to). If it’s recyclable, we’ll take it to the right depot, whether it’s a scrap metal handler or a paper recycling plant. Everything else goes to one of London’s waste-to-energy plants where it can be incinerated safely to generate electricity. We like to keep things easy and straightforward, so we include the price of labour in our charges. We also don’t have a minimum charge. You’ll find more information on our prices

Facts about our waste clearance

We have been more than 15 years in the rubbish removal business and these are the figures we can upload based on this vast experience. We haven't damaged a single customer's property, while we have 98% satisfied clients, based on our prices and the booking, done on time.

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Damaged Properties 0
Waste Recycled 0
Bookings On-time 0
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What the others think about us


John Simpson

Excellent service. They arrived on time and executed our request to perfection!


Danny Miller

Absolutely fantastic service! Had a lot of rubbish following renovations and move into our new home. Call Topwasters and they arrived in the afternoon. It just took them less than an hour to clean the whole place and swept after the job. Great service and would use them again!


Lidya Pearl

Excellent service. Great price. Very helpful staff.


We will send one team for free, no obligation quote. If you accept it, they will do the rubbish clearance on the spot!

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